Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's take a walk back in time

Let’s look back at myself, circa 4/16/2008:

What do I want this week/month in terms of weight loss?

I want to lose, no specific amount, just a loss. – Wow, I had a goal, eh?

What will it take to get this?

Follow program as much as possible (Core)

Watch portion sizes

Pay attention to my Comfort Zone

Rid house of trigger foods

Don’t buy trigger foods

Don’t eat trigger foods in the office

Drink more water

Eat more of the 8 GHG (Good Health Guidelines)

Track as much as I can

Be active as often as I can (cleaning house should do) – Seriously, that’s all I could do then!

Am I willing to do this?

I don’t want to but I don’t want to feel the way I do any longer. I am so unhappy with myself and refuse to allow myself to feel this way any longer. I want to be able to eat the yummy foods that I have been eating lately, but they are not helping me feel yummy about me. So, YES, I am! – Um, yeah. I wasn’t. I kept gaining after this and didn’t start until October 2009. Besides, no good goal or commitment can come from statements such as I am so unhappy with myself and I still want to eat the yummy foods that are making me fat!

What clothes/size do I feel comfortable in? (Simple Abundance question)

Honestly, my goal weight size, which is a 10 (mostly). I feel comfortable when my Gap size 12 jeans are baggy on my butt. These are ripped and I can’t wear them now, but I am keeping them as my goal pants. I like baggy clothes and I want those be in smaller sizes than I am wearing now. I also want to feel good in form fitting clothes.

I feel comfortable in the spring/summer clothes I have. I refuse to buy any more clothes for this year. I do not have the finances and refuse to do it. – Yeah, you guessed it. I bought bigger clothes.

What am I willing to do this week?

Follow Core Plan

Get activity pts via cleaning – Ha! This one makes me laugh every time I see it.

Drink more water

Eat more of the GHG

Not eat trigger foods at work – I still did!

Not buy any trigger foods

Throw away Jelly Belly’s at home

Progress Not Perfection

It’s Never Completely Bleak


Now, fast forward a couple years to today! Here are some answers to a few of these questions:

Am I willing to do this?

Hell yes! I have committed to losing weight, in a healthy manner and not rushing the process. I now know the things I need to learn in my head to help it stay off this time. Things I didn’t work on before, I know I need to tackle on the way down this time. I have dreams that I am working to make reality, and losing weight and achieving physical and mental health are part of that. I will be a derby girl, and I want to get in shape for that, and for my health and happiness.

What clothes/size do I feel comfortable in? (Simple Abundance question)

I feel good where I am now, but I still want to be able to wear my size 10 Gap jeans again. If I don’t lose another pound, I am happy with who I am at this moment in time.

What will it take to get this?

Drinking water

Exercise (5-6 times per week and varied activity; treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, weights, yoga, punch-boxing, stability ball, biking, walking)

Eating Gluten Free – and a balanced menu

Being vocal about my needs and goals

Putting myself first (it’s not selfish when it ensures I will be around for my loved ones longer)

It may never be completely bleak, but who wants that as their motto for life? Not this girl!


I get these weekday emails from an online service, www.tut.com, Notes from the Universe. Today’s message really spoke to me. “xxx, you're the only person who knows what's right for you. The only one. And if you already know what this is, commit to it. If you don't, commit to nothing.”  Only you know,

The Universe

I know what I want. I know what it will take to get it. I am already doing the steps needed, and I want to continue. The foundation is set, the frame is up, the walls are taking shape, now I just need to decorate!

I hope the calendar inspired you last week. I looked at the entry for last Sunday, “stress relief”. I actually had to sit and think what was stressing me in my life. I couldn’t think of anything. Sure, I don’t want to be single all the time, but I am not stressed about that. Sure, I wish my bank account balance was higher and more secure, but I am not stressed about it. I always seem to have enough for what I need. Sure, I wish I could find a home for my foster doggy, but he is making my life beautiful while he is with me, so I am not stressed.

See how well he helps me exercise!  I had 10-15 pounds on my core for an extra workout, and for every crunch (sometimes sit ups) completed on my stability ball, I got a kiss on the nose.  He's such a good personal trainer!

It felt good to not feel any stress. I still got up early to go to the gym. I finally used the Lat Pull machine. I started at 25 pounds. Wasn’t enough. So, I tried 50. Wow, did that feel good! It was a challenge, but I did 15 reps. I am committing to using more of the weight machines and really working on muscle strength and composition! You have my word.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I will post again later this week. I leave you with a recipe to use up the last of some of the summer veggies. Sadly, it is almost the end of many growing seasons! But, the yummy squashes and apples are coming! And the cool weather veggies will be coming back around.

Cucumber and Black Bean Salad

6 servings

2 points each

2 large or 3 medium cucumbers, peeled, halved, quartered and chopped

½ bunch cilantro, chopped fine

3 large or 5 small to medium ears corn, cut off cob

1 can black beans (14.5 ozs), drained and rinsed

¼ - 1/3 C fresh squeezed lime juice

Cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper to taste

(You can also add in some chopped bell peppers)

Combine and let sit for a little while. Yummy! (you can add some olive or canola oil to this if you like)

Have a great week and remember, Sprout something (seeds or seeds of change)!

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Slowish Food said...

Hi, Meg: I just found your blog. I was in your class several years ago and lost the baby weight from my second kid. I felt so good and saucy that I found myself pregnant again. :) After trying to lose that weight for two years (!!), like you I'm back at WW. Thanks so much for sharing your journey -- the good and the not so good. It's so inspiring. And congrats on your roller girl goal!