Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 was a success!

Have you ever found that the cravings come back after a couple solid weeks on plan? Do you start to feel restricted or bored? Has life happened and thrown several events at you that could cause a swift fall from that mountain you were progressing so nicely to its summit? Most people on weight loss plans find that the initial exuberance wanes after just a couple weeks. “When motivation to stick to your new eating and exercise habits wanes, and a quick glance in the mirror doesn't do the trick, considering the many health risks of obesity probably will get you going. By maintaining a healthier weight, you are more likely to live a longer life with fewer medical problems. Wearing a smaller size is just the icing on the cake; a happier, healthier life is the ultimate reward,” Weight Loss 101 on It happens to most of us, at some point in time. I have not met one person that has solid stick-to-itness ALL of the time. That implies perfection, and we all know perfection simply does not exist.

Besides, do you really want to be perfect? It’s a lot of work to maintain perfection!

Some of the reasons for motivation to fade, even slightly, and how to overcome them

Boredom with menu - Try some new recipes or switch your lunch and dinner choices – look for new websites with proven recipes

Feeling that it will take too long to achieve your ultimate goal - Focus on smaller more tangible weight loss goals

Not enough acknowledgement from others about your progress - Acknowledge it yourself! After all, it is your body and health.

Scale isn’t going down as fast as you think it should - Track your food to make sure you aren’t eating more than you need - Switch up your foods, your body may be bored.  Also remember that .5-2 pounds per week is the healthy weight loss range and that loss is the most sustainable once your ultimate goal is reached

Lots of events happening that have lots of temptations - Take an on plan dish - Maybe choose yourself and your goals and not go to all of them - Don’t under eat during the day (you will be starving and will go off plan)

Having cravings? - If you can eat a small portion of something you are craving that will help.  If not, acknowledge the craving and accept they will come, they will fade and your motivation will increase as you don’t give in

And the most important thing to remember: Reward your efforts, just not with food!

My stats: I released 2.5 pounds, for a total of 10.5 in 3 weeks (222.5 pounds). I exercised about 5 days this week, doing yoga mostly. I did clean out and rearrange my storage unit, all to get to my refrigerator out of storage. Mom and dad lost their back-up refrigerator. I spent about 45 minutes, and I moved a washer and dryer, and the refrigerator out and then put everything back in! My dad was shocked as he drove up to help and saw me standing next to a refrigerator and the unit closed. I think he was truly impressed. This was Saturday and I did 2 yoga sessions that day as well!

This will be a week of more aerobic workouts. I tried an excellent recipe this weekend and here is the link. It took some time but it has such depth of flavor. And my reward for myself this week, to acknowledge 18 pounds gone, is to buy Whip It! It releases tomorrow and is about the same price. It will also help me to achieve my goal of being a derby girl someday soon. I am learning how to be a non-skating official in early February! Next step, tryout and get on a team!

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