Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to!

Hi!  My name is Meg and I am a former WW leader that, once no longer employed by WW, have gained all my weight back.  I come her, much humbled, and ready to show the world my weight release journey.  I am losing this weight, but I truly wish to release it so that is doesn't get found again.  Luckily, it didn't bring friends with it when it returned this time.  I don't have more to release this time than I did in 2004.  Thanks goodness for small miracles.

I joined WW in 2004, January 4th actually.  I started at 232.5.    However, my highest weight was 245, that I know.  I do believe that I was higher than that.  By October 7, 2004, I was a lifetime member and I was in the 170's.  I went from a 22 to a 10/12.  I could even wear some 8's.  I was high on life and full of so much energy and determination, and self-belief.

6 years later, wow it has been 6 years, I am back here releasing this weight.  I will begin this week by posting my very own Biggest Loser style photo of where I am, as well as my weight.  I hope to post my daily menu and triumphs and struggles.  May the triumphs outweigh the struggles.  I will post about my exercise journey as well.  And, I will even ask some friends on this journey to post freelance pieces about their progress.

The good thing, I have learned so much about myself in the last half decade that will help me to release this weight and learn the tools to help keep it off.  I am not beating myself up as I know that does not help me.  I am embracing this journey, knowing that it won't always be easy.  Luckily I know that without struggle I can't fully appreciate the easy times in life.

Here's to better health and a smaller number on the scale in 2010!  May this be the decade I release decades!


Maya B. said...

Meg, I'm with you, every step of the way. Congrats on your new blog! Good luck this year - I can tell it's YOUR year!

Samantha said...

Good Luck Meg. I'm with you. I left WW and gained some back, so anytime you need a walking partner, a coffee, a mall walk, etc I so need the inspiration too. I'm here. My email is: Let 2010 be our year. We can get this weight off!