Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, I apologize for getting this post up late. My computer is on the fritz, and I am not a happy camper.

But……………my weight is a different story! I lost a whopping 5 pounds this past week. I worked out all but Wednesday. I had an appointment and just didn’t feel like it when I got home. I ended up accruing 12 activity points (a food plan term). I knew I wouldn’t get a home tv workout in on Sunday (football at mom and dad’s) so I stopped at a local park and walk for 25 minutes there. The first part has a nice hill, so it gave some resistance. I felt it in the legs for sure. I did yoga, cardio boot camp, total body sculpt, and I even tried a belly dancing workout. Wow, I am so not a belly dancer!

A friend said this to me last week: “If I don't move I can't lose, and if I stop moving I gain.” Thanks Laurie, you are so wise! She hit the nail on the head. We have to move. A 5 pound loss on week 2 makes me think of the Biggest Loser. They always talk about how bad week 2 is weight-loss wise. Maybe it is that I actually worked out, but my week 2 was amazing! So, what are you doing to move and be active.


I have found this to be true about weight loss:

To lose weight, we must eat healthy food. We must workout and lead an active life. Both will fuel your emotions and you.

If our emotions are in check, we will have more desire to eat well and lead an active life thus leading to weight loss.

If we are active, we will be more prone to positive emotions and to eat healthier food, thus leading to weight loss.


What will you do this week? Will you check out Fit Tv? Maybe buy a dvd and use it? I purchased a dvd by Leslie Sansone with 5 workouts, including a Pilates workout. It even came with resistance bands for the Pilates. Is there a cleaning project you could do around the house? I earned 3 points cleaning on Monday, a day off work. That is not how I wanted to spend my day, but it is what it is.

I challenge you to burn some calories this week!

And let’s hope Monday posts a weight loss too! I am trying not to fear a rebound gain. But if it happens, I will accept it as my body fighting back. It happens. I am not going off plan, so my conscience would be clean!

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