Monday, January 11, 2010

Week one was a success!

Well, one week down and I released 3 pounds! It was so good to see that working hard, staying on my chosen food plan, and keeping track of my efforts paid off. But, I knew it would. It really is simple, if you choose healthier options, watch how much you eat, get some activity and water, you will shed pounds and feel better!

My week consisted of overnight oats, mush, and eggs for my breakfasts. My lunches were sweet potato shepherd’s pie, tofu with spinach and whole wheat couscous, a Veggie Subway Kids meal one day, and roasted veggies. Dinners consisted of the tofu and spinach dish, whole wheat pasta tossed with mushrooms, artichoke, and diced tomatoes, and plenty of seasoning. I had a couple salads, even taco salad without the shell Saturday night.

My activity was light, but I am not beating myself up about that. I am just starting. I did a circuit of a weighted ball for 15 minutes Monday evening. I shoveled plenty of snow for 45 minutes one night last week. Let’s see, Wednesday, I do believe. Saturday I did some lifting of heavy things into an attic. But I got to stay on the steps and have it handed to me so I am not counting that.

I had a volunteer orientation Saturday and I resisted the pizza that was provided. It wasn’t required to stay for lunch so I spoke my gratitude for the food provided but politely left. I just wasn’t ready to put my newfound momentum under that much stress and examination.

This week, my focus is on new foods as to not get bored. I am getting tofu on the way home and I am going to make something like this: Cornmeal “Shake and Bake” Tofu – Corn meal and seasonings added in for the dredge. Dredge your drained and cut tofu in soymilk and then coat with the mixtures. Spray a pan with oil, line it with tofu, spray the tops and bake at 350-400 degrees until it is looking nice and crispy. You can flip these after 15 or 20 minutes to make sure both sides look nice. (This is from a friend that has a young son. He loves these!) I made chili with pinto and chili beans, added in whole wheat pasta. I am planning on lentils this week. I discovered I have 3 bags plus a partial bag. Wowzers! I am also going to make chickpeas with a lite coconut milk sauce. Not sure how I am going to proceed with that one yet. But, it will have curry in it for sure. I have black beans and my sis wants Rachael Ray’s Pumpkin Black Bean Soup this week.

I am also going to focus on ramping up my activity. No snow in the forecast, unfortunately, so no shoveling. That is a good workout! I am going to do chores tonight. Tomorrow, while watching the Biggest Loser, I will do my weighted ball workout. I would do it tonight but I can’t do it 2 days in a row. Tonight, I think I will go for a walk. I will come home and put on my exercise pants, do that and get in the car when I get home and go to the store for my tofu. Yep, that sounds like a plan.


Update: It was just too cold when I left work.  I went to the store, got my tofu, and came home and cooked.  I looked on Fit TV, I forgot we have that channel, and found Namaste Yoga at 6.  So, I did that!  I hate the commercial breaks but I kept doing the breathing moves.  I made chickpas with spinach, onion, and a coconut curry "sauce."  I also cooked barley, hard boiled eggs, and I am heading back to the kitchen to make my cornmeal tofu.  So, all in all, I think I have done well and I can sit and enjoy my Big Bang Theory.


And you know what else? I hated water and was drinking loads of diet pop before last week. Now, I can hardly down a whole diet pop. I still like diet root beer and diet Dew, but I am drinking loads more water. Using a Brita at home and a pretty cup at work and home is helping.

Here are some links on fruits and veggies, and exercise tips from the CDC:

Have a great week everyone. I will be discussing the BL more next week. I identify with many of the contestants but I need to work through my thoughts before putting them here. Oh, and I will be doing monthly pictures. I just don’t think enough will be visible right now from week to week.

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Thank you for sharing. I look forward to following along with your journey here and on the message board. :)